Holy Mass


Welcome to the roman catholic parish of S.s. Peter and Paul (and S. Benedict). This website offers (in the Dutch language) information about the parish. The parish church, the Pastoral Centre and the presbitry can be found in the centre of Bergen.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced suspension of all Catholic masses until May 31st.

As from June 7 our church is open for Mass up to 30 people, reservation for Mass in June is required.

As from July our church is open for Mass up to 100 people.


The standard schedule for Masses and other liturgical celebrations is as follows.

Friday Mass at  9.30 hours. (still temporarily suspended)
Sunday Mass at 9.30 hours.

Audio induction loop available for the hearing impaired.
Our church is wheelchair accessible.


Address: Dorpsstraat 20
Telephone: (072) 5812553

Website: www.rkparochiebergennh.nl
E-mail address: ppb@rkparochiebergennh.nl

Our parish priests, can be reached through the above mentioned address and email address
Our parish priest Franklin Brigitha can be reached on his mobile phone:  06 291 802 45